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Are you familiar with Knight Rifles, Bug-Out Outdoorwear or Rattlers Brand? If you are then you have seen some of our work. These are just a few of the companies and brands we have grown by using proven marketing strategies, and we can do the same for you.

Whether it is creating eye-poping logos, unique catalogs, flyers or brochures, owner's manuals, warranty cards or packaging, we can provide you with a cost effective solution regardless of the budget. How? Because we have been in your very shoes and know the value of a dollar. More importantly if you look good, we look good, and that's just how we like it.

Tap into our experience and expertise. Let us evaluate your business and help you find ways to increase gross margin, improve operational efficiencies, capitalize and increase the value of your brand at the marketplace.

The Power of a Brand

Branding is a serious, long-term investment. Dollar for dollar, branding and corporate identity are just as important as any other activity, especially when the business is a start-up. Branding is an exercise in viewing yourself from the customer's perspective. From here you can see that everything from the products you sell, to the marketing materials that represent you, have the potential to erode or strengthen your brand.

The graphic design aspect of branding involves the creation of logos, sales materials and visual identities and the application of those identities across all media. The copywriting component has more to do with creating the right tone of voice to accurately represent your company while speaking simply to your target market.

Part of the magic of brand creation involves capturing the spirit of the company. Once you get that step right, you can begin the task of creating strategic marketing plans that will provide consistency and continuity across the entire business. When you bring it all together, and it's done right, you have a better chance of seeing growth in sales volume and revenue.

Our resume is on target.

At Evan & Burton, we have a really good understanding of the needs that entrepreneurs face because we have been down that trail. Our resume reflects over 20 years of experience in the shooting and hunting industry. We have worked hard to take businesses that were either in or on the verge of bankruptcy and remake them into industry icons. The driving force behind Evan & Burton is Bruce Watley who comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

Growing up he watched his father develop, market and sell slow moving vehicle emblems (those little orange triangles on back of tractors), agricultural products, portable electric generators (under the brand name Coleman/Powermate) among other small business ventures. Upon graduating college Bruce had the choice of going into financial marketing or into business with his father. The choice was simple. By working closely with his father, who acted as a mentor, Bruce was able to learn how to succeed in buying, growing and selling a business.

Bruce holds a BSBA in Marketing and Advertising from Creighton University, an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and currently finishing course work in Family Financial Planning through the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

With a background in marketing and operations, Bruce is an executive with 20+ years experience in the shooting sports industry. He is known for massively boosting sales and building successful corporations from the ground up; his consistent track record shows significant sales and revenue increases and the development of comprehensive corporate policies and procedures. He has the proven ability to dramatically reduce costs through research, improved customer relations and negotiations. He can bring a vast amount of experience in all aspects of marketing and public relations including product development, print advertising, video outreach and pursuit of media coverage. He has an insightful way of recognizing and responding to market opportunities including competitor's weaknesses. If business continuation, selling your business or acquiring one is where your greatest need is; he has the experience to help guide you through the process as well.

Just look at some of the accomplishments he has garnered over the years:

Knight Rifles - Leading domestic and international manufacturer of in-line muzzleloading rifles.

Vice President of Marketing (1990 - 1998) - Direct involvement with media development, planning and purchasing, product development plans, created and implemented marketing strategies and sales programs. Developed in-house graphic design department that created sales, marketing and company literature. Marketed products through trade show presentations, puruit of articles in trade publications and accompanying field sales representatives on sales calls. Oversaw multi-functional 6-person staff including company founder. Provided direction to 63-person sales and customer service corps. Worked with other departments on pricing, sales forecasting, order fulfillment and customer quatations.

* Boosted sales 9 fold over 7 years.

* Oversaw marketing and public relations efforts including development and creation of advertising, promotions, company newsletters, owner's manuals and product promotions. Worked closely with outdoor writers, magazines, television shows and state game officials.

* Reduced product liability insurance premiums 20% over 3 consecutive years by creating and including the industry's first muzzleloading instructional and safety video.

* Earned $3,500,000 of free publicity in print and television by building relationships with key industry media groups and outdoor writers.

* Improved warranty card returns by creating a loyalty building newsletter FREE to all Knight Rifle owners who submit warranty return cards. Knight News became the largest muzzloading only publication in the industry with a qualified distribution list in excess of 135,000 readers.

* Empowered sales representatives with a territory development fund and allotted it based on sales volume, number of customers and sales goals.

* Slashed costs of production components with improved sourcing.

Bug-Out/Rattlers Brand - International seller of outdoor safety and pest protection clothing.

President (1999 - 2007) - Oversaw inventory, cash flow, accounts payable/receivable, and supplier relations for purchased company. Developed products based on market research, consumer feedback and competitive analysis. Created and implemented marketing and promotions strategic plan, including trade show attendance, printed material development and media placement. Motivated sales staff through meetings, market analysis, and on-site customer visits. Ensured budgetary compliance, overhead cost control and accurate financial reporting.

* Boosted revenue 7 fold over 7 years.

* Increased number of accounts from 30 to 537.

* Reduced product manufacturing costs anywhere from 17% to 63% through improved sourcing.

* Developed 4 patented products and doubled product assortment.

* Oversaw successful production transition from domestic to international sourcing working with factories in Mexico and Asia.

* Created all policies and procedures, including employee handbook and all human resource policies.

* Built sales representative and office staff from 0 - 37 individuals.

* Successfully defended patents from being violated by competitors.


* Certificate in Family Financial Planning, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

* Master of Business Administration - Management, University of Phoenix

* Bachelor of Science of Business Administration - Marketing, Creighton University

Computer Skills

* Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and MS Office

If you are ready to take or business to the next level, or just need help with some individual projects - we can deliver a fast quote and work under tight deadlines. Here is just a sampling of some of the services we offer at Evan & Burton.